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Helping You Build a Six-Figure Marketing Agency that Can Be Run Part Time from Anywhere in the World

What is Divolution?

Divolution focuses on helping everyday people escape the 9-5 life and build a business and happy lifestyle. Our Content Focuses On:


div·o·lu·tion – noun

Digital Revolution Refers to the way in which the internet and digital age has changed the world, enabling us to create wealth from anywhere and enjoy a life of freedom that was impossible 20 years ago.


Chris LaMorte

Since I was 13, I thought the typical adult life was depressing. Most adults spend 1/3 of their life working and another 1/3 asleep. Of the remaining 33%, most of the time is spent getting ready for work, doing house chores, running errands, or taking care of the kids (if you have them). 

When it’s all over with, you may be able to squeeze in an hour or so each day for some real R&R. And forget about the fact that many young adults now have to tens of thousands of dollars in debt just to achieve this “American Dream”.

I’ve dreamt of working for myself from home ever since I was 13. I first was introduced to the idea when I ran into a Multi-Level-Marketing program in 2003. Since then, I continued to work towards that goal. 

Over a decade later, I feel like we’re living a dream. My wife and I run a digital marketing agency together that profits hundreds of thousands of dollars each year. We work when we want, travel when we want, and enjoy financial freedom that I didn’t think could be so obtainable. My goal is to help others escape their 9-5 jobs and to live life to the fullest.

How Does it All Work

Building a sustainable business will take a lot of work in the beginning. We’re looking for motivated people who strive for self improvement.

Create a Strategy

Digital Marketing Agencies are my favorite business model. Low overhead, easily scalable, and fast growth.

Grow Your Business

Grow your business, gain more clients, and prioritize results for client retention. Build a sustainable growth model

Quality of Life

Leverage your income to build additional streams of semi-passive income. Build more revenue and enjoy life.

Work With Me

What if you had a business that will always be in demand, has ultra-high profit margins and can easily bring in a six-figure income with only 5-10 hours per week?

It sounds too good to be true, but I am living proof that if you work hard up front and do the leg work, anything is possible.

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