What Is Divolution?


I’ve been obsessed with passive income and owning an online business since I was 13 years old. I used to dream about the idea of working from home – doing whatever I want when I want with no boss to control me. I got started hustling and making money at a young age. At 14 years old I would buy and sell Pokemon cards, trying to earn whatever money I could.

My first real venture I started shortly after turning 15. My brother and I were heavily involved in a game called World of Warcraft that had just recently been released. While my brother got really good at the game, I naturally began looking for ways to cheat the system and profit from it. I started buying and selling Gold (the in game currency) and was making about $100 a day buying from one source and selling to another.

Afterwards I graduated into buying and selling World of Warcraft Accounts due to the higher margins. There were forums where I could buy people’s accounts with well-equipped characters, then turn around and sell them on eBay for a 100% markup. This ended when blizzard stopped eBay from allowing the sale of World of Warcraft Account.

Fast forward to 2016, after several side hustles and a working a job at a marketing agency, I decided to start my own digital marketing agency for local service businesses. Since starting Web Chimpy, we have grown it into a successful agency that makes hundreds of thousands of dollars a year in profit. I currently spend about 10 hours a week running my business and most of that time is spent doing the things that I actually like to do.

This website is not for everyone. It’s not for people who want to be super rich and make 20 million dollars per year. It’s for people who want to be successful and earn a 6-figure income working a few hours a week and enjoy a quality of life that most people dream of.

My Passion

My passion is helping people build businesses. My goal is to help people grow their business to be profitable and require as little time commitment as possible. I like to help business owners to find that sweet spot where they can make an amazing living working part time without having to scale their business to 50+ employees.

I’m passionate about building marketing agency business model because it is a high margin, low maintenance business with a low barrier to entry. Virtually anyone can get started with digital marketing and start getting customers.

I'm Not Rich

I’m not some wannabe rich guy peddling trying to sell you bullshit. I personally don’t consider myself to be wealthy at all. My wife and I (at the time of this writing) own several cars, including a brand new Lamborghini which was my dream car as a teenager. We live in a 5,500 square foot home on 2 acres outside Atlanta. We save roughly half of our income and make a point to live beneath our means. Coming up with funds for a five-figure “rainy day” expense is effortless.

I’m not saying this to brag. There are many people who make way more than me. My goal has never been to be the wealthiest person ever or to be ultra rich. The goal for me has always been for my wife and I to have the freedom to do what we want and have the means to live out our dream life. Our goal is to make the best living possible with financial security while maintaining the freedom to do the things we love. I know too many people making high six-figure salaries with fancy cars, humongous houses, country club access, but never enough time to enjoy it. Happiness and quality of life is what’s most important to us, and we will never sacrifice happiness in the name of making more money.

Most weeks we spend more time on our hobbies than we do on work. My wife Christy spends a lot of time gardening. I spend a lot of time driving or detailing my cars, playing music, building and playing with firearms, or whatever other random hobby I pick up at the time. While we have and still do work hard, we make sure that we work efficiently and outsource as much as possible so that we can spend time together and doing the things that we love and spending time together. I am passionate about what we do and have a passion for business, but it’s not my only passion. It’s important to us to have that balance and are truly living the life that I dreamed of as a teenager.

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